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Bridget Bradley an artistic empath who paints intuitively.

During the pandemic, Bridget had a strong urge to paint every day, a time of inner healing for the artist. Predominantly self-taught, the artist had a love of drawing and painting from childhood, pursuing art subjects at school. Painting with acrylics on canvas, the artist focuses on freely releasing and expressing what is held deep within her heart and mind, that which is not easily put into words.


The artist, much like an alchemist, merges her feelings and energy into the movement of her strokes, colours, layers and spatters to share her voice, energy and feelings within the artwork. Bridget makes no excuse for her unafraid approach. Her art has developed distinctly into abstract expressionism with an emphasis on vibrant palettes, unique colour combinations, blending techniques and thick impasto layers that make her paintings pop. “While I don’t follow any one artist, I admire the works of Jackson Pollock. My style is unstructured, mixed with a splash of the urban, of graffiti and street art.”


Bridget is a predominantly self-taught, emerging visual artist, New Zealand born and raised, moved to Australia iwith family, in her teens. Bridget’s careers, in the creative industry as a Makeup Artist/Stylist where she explored the use of colour blending and later as an international high fashion Model working with creatives, gave her insight into different approaches to creativity, the arts and cultures.

Passionate about painting full-time, Bridget pursues as many opportunities as possible to show her art. While Bridget is relatively new to the art scene, she has already received an art award for her abstract painting, Medusozoa (2021) which was exhibited in Light Time and Space 11th Annual Animals Exhibition. Bridget is a registered Artist with the NRAAA.

Feel free to contact the artist at, https://www.bridgetbartist.com or on Instagram @bridgetbartist

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Artist Statement

Through creating art my intention is to capture the essence of deep emotion, experiences, and special memories. Painting is like alchemy to me which began when I used to sit in my tree hut as a child. An empath by nature, experiencing heightened awareness, empathy, and intensive feelings, of my own as well at others, I have taken advantage of this gift using it as a tool to create intuitively. By tapping into a feeling within and the surrounding environment I become aware of the focus for my inspiration. Primarily, an observer of people and life, I’ve always been a person of few words. Painting allows me to extract and express my authentic self for others to see and experience. For me, each painting is literally a healing within, a meditative, cathartic process on my creative journey. This ethereal-like energy starts with my innermost self, I take it to the canvas with the intention of projecting the painted expression outward to make a connection with the viewer. 


My style has developed quickly moving from a contemporary, representational style into an unstructured, abstract expressionism mixed with a splash of the urban. Acrylics on canvas are my preference with mostly bright or neon colour combinations, multiple layers, often thick impasto almost 3D layers using palette knives, brushes, various tools to playfully move and merge the paint. I paint spontaneously with no pre-planned drawings. 


The subjects of my art are varied and include random concepts and themes, as they arise. My largest project to date, The Brain Series (2021), a body of work (1-13 paintings) inspired by my studies in Psychological Science and Neuroscience at university. My paintings are created to be interactive by allowing the viewer to interpret what they personally perceive, to respond with their senses through their eyes, heart, and mind. The aim to entice the viewer to reach out and be drawn into the feeling of the artwork. My art is ever evolving, and I am learning more every day about why I create, challenging myself to excel. Through kind encouragement from family and friends, I continue to paint. It is my hope that my paintings will be experienced by many and provoke lively conversation, inspire, bring feelings of positivity and beauty into the lives and spaces of others.

Art lovers, interior designers and art collectors are invited to follow Bridget's art and process. Stay in touch and be alerted to new works!