"My mission as an artist is to heal and to offer healing to others by capturing intense emotions and sharing them through the energising, uplifting language of colour." - Bridget Bradley

Bridget Bradley surrounded. by her abstract expressionism paintings and holding Oxytocin II


Bridget Bradley is an artistic empath, painting abstract art intuitively, exploring and capturing her inner world of profound emotions, ethereal realities, hidden memories of experiences that which is often hard to put into words.

She uses her hypersensory cues to tap into deep emotions transferring them onto the canvas as an explosion of intense colors. Her unique color language is a way of connecting with others, of telling her stories. Bridget describes her paintings as, art with soul. This is a spontaneous, fluid process with no preconceived idea of social norms or expectations. Bridget loves to express with neon colours which are often an integral part of her paintings.

Closeup of bold, textured painting by Bridget Bradley Abstract Expresisonism Artist


Bridget a featured artist and prolific painter, much like an alchemist, merges her feelings and energy into the movement of her gestural strokes, colours, layers and spatters to share her voice, her story within the artwork. Bridget makes no excuse for her unafraid approach which is pure, raw consciousness. She makes art that is bold, layered with under paintings, often heavily textured, art that is unique and made to outlast trends. This award winning young artist, produces abstract expressionist artworks that ignite the senses. Bridget, always the observer, the listener, invites the viewer into her world, to be still in the moment and allow their own emotional response to her artwork arise. Her abstract expressionism is amplified emotion, colorful art with unique colour combinations, blending techniques and thick impasto layers that make her paintings pop from the wall.

Bridget holds an abstract painting in progress from the Dimensional Series
Quote by Artist bridget Bradley

While I don’t follow any one artist, I admire the works of Jackson Pollock. My style is unstructured, mixed with a splash of the urban, of graffiti and street art.



  • 2021 Featured Artist, Monthly Picks, Discover on Artplacer

  • 2021 Featured Artist, Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona USA

  • 2021 Virtual Exhibition, No Middleman Gallery, Florida USA 

  • 2021 "Open Art Exhibition" LST, USA

  • 2021 - "555 Special" Art Exhibition - Summer 2021, LST Palm Springs USA

  • 2021 - 11th Annual "Landscapes" Art Exhibition, LST Palm Springs USA

  • 2021 - 11th Annual "Animals" Art Exhibition, LST Palm Springs USA

the art of abstraction with soul

Snapshot of painting in Bridget Bradley's Dimensional Art Collection

Bridget's love of art started in childhood, growing up in New Zealand. She continued to study art through college in New Zealand and Australia. Later she was influenced by careers spanning the creative industry as a Makeup Artist/Stylist where she explored the use of colour blending and later travelled as an international high fashion Model, working alongside creatives for brands such as Chanel, Lee Jeans and Elle which gave her insight into different cultural and artistic approaches to creativity. Bridget offers her unique, abstract expressionism fine art online internationally.

Bridget is currently making art in one of her favourite cities, Hong Kong.

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