Exclusive Jewellery Collection by Bridget B.

Bridget Bradley considers her jewellery offerings as jewellery as art and it's very wearable art.

Luxury, genuine sterling silver jewellery featuring the art of Bridget Bradley. Each piece is handmade by artisan jewellers, experts at creating high-end sterling silver earrings and necklaces. This striking jewellery tells its own story with an imprint of a version of one of Bridget Bradley's original paintings on each piece.

Bridget offers these designs in limited quantities, so you know you have unique jewellery. 

Discover the new exclusive jewellery collection by Bridget B.


Get ready for the Christmas Countdown and get your custom jewellery orders in before 15th November

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'Heart of the Sun' Exclusive Bridget B Sterling Silver Earrings by Bridget Bradley


High-quality sterling silver jewellery created for Bridget Bradley by artisan jewellers. Unique, luxurious, durable art jewellery imprinted with Bridget's paintings. Find your perfect Bridget B set below.